Maths and Dyscalculia Tutoring

Are you looking for a specialised maths and dyscalculia tutor?
I offer support and teaching for those who struggle with maths, are anxious about learning or have Special Educational Needs. 

What can I offer?

I offer 1:1 tutoring for all levels of numeracy and mathematics. I have over 30 years experience in teaching across the full age range  from early years to GCSE and tutoring for adults studying functional skills and vocational courses.


Are you anxious about anything to do with maths in general or certain topics? Let's tackle your fear together and develop solutions to help.

Do you struggle with the maths that you require for work or everyday life such as handling money, time management or budgeting? Develop your own ways to help yourself live more happily.                       


Need support to develop strategies with basic number and test techniques?                         



Our daughter (10) has been having 1 to 1 maths tutoring with Jane for a few months. Jane’s fresh and innovative approaches to maths have helped immensely not only with skills but also we’ve seen a huge growth in confidence. She looks forward to her sessions with Jane and for a child who ‘hated maths’ this is a fantastic improvement. Thank you Jane
Kate & Mark

Jane has really boosted my daughter's confidence with maths. She understands her specific difficulties and is patient and kind. I definitely have the sense that she 'gets' my daughter which as a parent is so important.
Mother of Year 10 Student

Having used a few tutors in the past, we struggled to find the right one who understood my daughters needs.
We then came across Jayne, and after our first meeting we knew Jayne was perfect.
Jayne was very patient and understood my daughters struggles.
Jayne explained methods in a way that worked for my daughter which was totally different from any other tutor. Jayne was so supportive and genuinely cared about my daughter and her progress throughout the whole time.
Jayne understood that my daughter struggled with dyscalculia, and worked with her to try and find new and alternative ways to learning.
I truly believe that the technics used by Jayne are what enabled my daughter to pass her maths GCSE.  

I came to Jane with a mental block around maths on top of finding maths very tricky. For years I have been struggling with maths but managed. I applied for course that requires me to have a grade C or above in Maths. I was very hesitant at first but have found my confidence week on week. Jane gives me the space and the time to learn and ‘build a relationship with maths’ by brining context to what I am learning by applying it to my life. As well as creating context for what I am learning I am working towards my grade! I used to feel as though there was a ‘club’, where some people got maths and I just wasn’t one of them. She has taught me that I can do it by showing me how she works it out it! She has taken away the mystery and shown me that some times it is just a bit hard. And there are the things to can do to get to your answer! Most importantly for me Jane gives me time if I am struggling mentally with maths. By talking to me, we take down the maths barrier and then Jane reminds me that we have to carry on! So on top of getting over a mental barrier I learn and improve. I still find it tricky but the point is most people do! I am getting there! I will have an understanding of maths to pass an exam as well as having an understanding that I can use for the rest of my life! Thank you Jane!
Eve, Age 28

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